Pan African Resources – BTRP Cyanide Detoxification Project


Pan African Resources – BTRP Cyanide Detoxification Project

G4eps has been awarded the contract for the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of a Cyanide Detoxification circuit for BTRP at Barberton Mine in Barberton (Mpumalanga) South Africa.
The current leached slurry (~48% solids by mass) from either of the last two tanks in the CIL train reports to the CIL tailings sampler , which consists of a primary cross stream sampler and a secondary rotary vezin sampler. From the sampler the slurry reports to the carbon recovery screen feed box ahead of the carbon recovery vibrating screen. The oversize (recovered carbon) from this screen is fed to a bulk bag, while the undersize slurry discharges to the existing final Tailings tank.
The Cyanide Detoxification project is to destruct the high WAD Cyanide level to <50ppm on the Carbon In Leach (CIL) tailings for ICMI compliance. The upgrade will include the installation of new equipment and the streams interface with existing BTRP utilities.

  • 19 Jul, 2016
  • g4eps_admin

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